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The New Triple Stage Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Agrifood Technology is proud to introduce the addition of another state-of-the-art instrument to its existing array of highly sophisticated analytical instrumentation in the Food Safety laboratory, the Thermo Fisher LC-HESI-MS/MS Triple Stage Quadrupole (TSQ) Mass Spectrometer (MS) system.

 It’s here – the new Triple Stage Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

LC-HESI-MS/MS is now the analytical technique of choice to assay food matrices with high selectivity and sensitivity. It is especially well-suited for a large range of pesticide residue and mycotoxin analysis in various matrices from cattle forages to baby food. It has a number of unique features which achieve greater analytical sensitivity, making method development faster and at the highest possible selectivity.

TSQ Mass spectrometer features highly selective reaction monitoring (H-SRM), a technology which assists to attain greater repeatability, sensitivity and specificity. Due to the complex nature of food matrices, matrix interferences in chemical residue analysis is a problem, however, using the H-SRM mode, the Q1 FWHM peak width can be set at 0.2, which allows only the selective desired ions to pass through the quadrupole thus reducing the background ‘noise’, increasing the sensitivity and therefore lowering the detection limits in food samples.

The instrument benefits are significant: faster method development, shorter run times, improved sensitivity and lower detection limits. Resulting in significant increased sample volume and improved client report turn around times.