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Since 1989, Agrifood Technology has been a major provider of physical and chemical testing servicing the Australian grain, food (including manufactured and processed foods and fresh foods), and feed industries.

AWTA Ltd purchased Agrifood Technology from AWB Ltd in February 2008, the purchase positions Agrifood Technology to be the independent test house of choice for all participants in the grain industry. AWTA Ltd has adopted a policy of expanding its operations by diversifying into related testing markets. The purchase of Agrifood Technology continues this diversification into related areas where independent testing is a necessary part of the value chain.

Agrifood Technology test results provide valuable information for use in all areas of agribusiness.

Since this acquisition four years ago Agrifood Technology has established its independence within the deregulated wheat industry and successfully secured a broad range of wheat industry clients. It has also significantly increased its activity in the processed and fresh food and the hay and fodder sectors, which now make up a significant proportion of Agrifood Technology’s client base, providing insulation against the seasonal impacts inherent in the grain industry.