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Is your feed yielding the production you expected?

There are occasions when stock will not perform as expected on certain feeds. Milk production may drop back or weight gain is not achieved. There can be a number of reasons for this performance drop.

Generally the first consideration is the nutritional value of the feed. A FeedTest Fodder Quality Test will indicate if the nutritional value of the feed will support the expected production. Usually, prepared or manufactured feeds are made to a specification and are generally very reliable, although sometimes ingredient mixes can change, which can affect production. It may be worthwhile to test the feed for yourself to ensure it meets your needs and manufactured specifications.


Despite adequate nutritional value there can be other problems with feeds that can lead to loss of production. These can include rancidity, mycotoxins and chemical residues. Some recently tested samples have shown high levels of rancidity. Apart from being unpalatable, these have had surprisingly severe production implications.


Mycotoxins from mouldy grain and fodder are very hard to predict and even at low levels can have significant impacts on production. Residues of herbicides and pesticides are uncommon, although when present can cause problems and lower performance.

Poor performance from feed requires investigation and testing. It is worth considering these factors when identifying possible causes of lower than expected performance.

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