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Species Testing - Now available on Meat

Species testing is now offered by Agrifood Technology on various meat and food products. 

“Do you really know what’s in your meat – is beef really 100% beef?”

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The identification of species content in food and animal feeds is an important control measure used to detect contamination with, or substitution of, inferior or prohibited animal species into products containing animal-derived materials.

The sandwich based ELISA assay for species identification recently introduced at Agrifood Technology provides a rapid, sensitive and specific qualitative detection of a range of animal species (beef, pork, poultry and sheep) in both uncooked and cooked food products

Following the recent scare of horse meat contamination in Europe, major supermarket chains in Australia are now testing their imported meat products to ensure that there are no traces of horse meat found in these products.

Agrifood Technology is also able to offer the ELISA based assay for the detection of horse meat in both raw and cooked products. As an additional service we can also co-ordinate DNA based testing to be conducted.

Fact Sheet Download:

Species Testing - Fact SheetPDF


For more information on this service please contact Agrifood Technology on 1800 801 312 or [email protected]